Hair Salon


Our professional designers work with you to create an individual style that compliments your features, personality and one that suits your lifestyle.


Includes shampoo, condition, scalp massage and finish.

Ladies   40.+
Men   28.+


Includes shampoo, condition and scalp massage.

Blow dry   30.+
Blow & Iron   36.+
Specialty/Updo   62.+

We are pleased to offer you 10% off hair care purchases on the day you receive any of the following:


Includes design and finish.

Full Colour   97.+
Full Foils   131.+
Part Foils     107.+
Colour & part Foils   127+
Colour & full Foils   147+
Part Balayage    129+
Full Balayage    149.+

Corrective colour service:  75.+/hr consult required for quote



Design and finish included.

Full perm   95.+
Part Perm   85.+
Long Perm   165.+

We believe in continuing education, high quality products and good communication skills to provide you with the best experience possible!
*Prices vary depending on length of hair, amount of product used and technique performed.

A Certified Green Circle Salon

100% of our hair clippings, highlighting foils, colour tubes, papers, plastics and excess chemicals are recycled and/or repurposed in an environmentally responsible way.