Please read in full prior to arriving for your appointment. And please comply with our new protocols otherwise we are not permitted to let you enter the salon. We all must work together to keep our salon environment, our team and you safe.

You are going to notice a lot of changes in upcoming visits, it will be a whole new L10 Experience!  We hope some of these changes will be temporary and others you’ll embrace as our new normal.

  • We have studied the provincial guidelines and have ensured that we not only meet but exceed the standards wherever we can to enhance the safety of our clientele and our team members while delivering a relaxing and pleasurable visit.
  • We have completely sanitized and disinfected the salon and spa, all our furniture, equipment, tools and supplies. A strict sanitization routine of the work stations, furniture, tools and implements will be performed between each client to ensure that safety of all.
  • Our team has updated their training on disinfection, sanitation and infection control and we are now all certified Beauty Safe. We also have been trained using the new Work Safe guidelines for our industry.
  • It is very important to practise SAFE DISTANCING and to WASH your HANDS. We have installed signage to remind everyone of the new rules and safety standards at our front door, our reception desk, the washrooms, staff room, back bar and anywhere appropriate.
  • Health Check: each team member will honestly answer the Safe Visit Protocol Questionnaire and have a temperature check at the beginning of their shifts and will be sent home if unwell.
  • To limit the number of people in the salon, at this time no one is to bring guests, children, or pets with them to their appointment; apart from minors or people who require caregivers. We will ask the accompanying caregivers to wait off premises for the duration of appointment unless absolutely necessary.
  • Please arrive to your appointment timely (no more than 5 minutes early) *note that our waiting area is currently closed and we ask you to wait in your car. We will phone, text or come collect you when it is time to welcome you into the salon!
  • Please note: our coat check will be unavailable and we request you not bring unnecessary personal items inside.
  • We appreciate that you wear your own mask for the duration of your visit and we will be wearing ours too!
  • Upon arrival at the front door you will be met by your service provider, you are required to sanitize your hands and have a ‘touchless’ temperature check with our medical grade, infrared thermometer.
  • We will provide you with a ‘wipe’ to sanitize your cell phone or electronic device and any other items necessary.
  • Please answer our Safe Visit Protocol Questionnaire honestly at time of scheduling, at time of your appointment confirmation and again when you arrive at the salon. We have the right to reschedule your appointment if deemed necessary.
  • We are unable to offer beverages at this time so feel free to bring your own. Water will be available in disposable cups. All magazines have been temporarily removed for your safety.




  • We have installed a sneeze guard at the reception desk.
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes are available throughout the salon.
  • All work stations are the required 6ft (or more) apart to ensure safe distancing for you from other guests.
  • Our team is going to wear masks and may wear gloves, face shields, and/or protective goggles for some services.
  • We will have a sanitized and disinfected ‘kit’ for each guest that contains everything we need to perform your service(s).
  • We will be following a very strict sanitizing protocol between every guest.
  • To meet new guest capacity limitations we have rearranged our space, extended our hours and our team is adapting their work schedules. Note that we may not be able to accommodate your usual favorite time slot for a certain period.
  • For your protection and relaxation you will be provided a hand held sneeze guard while you are reclined at the hair wash stations.
  • To further prevent the transmission of COVID-19, all services will now include a wash, and no blow dryers or hood dryers will be used for the time being.
  • At this time we are unable to offer services over 2.5 hours in duration including packages or any services that cannot be performed while you are wearing a mask.
  • Our retail area is fully operational, please ask for assistance; our team will prepare your retail order for you and have it ready for pick-up as you leave the salon. *Please note that all products are final sale as we cannot accept returns at this time. *Products may also be ordered via phone or email and we will schedule safe curbside pick up.
  • For the time being we would prefer that you refrain from using cash as a mode of payment if possible.

We understand that everyone has their own level of comfort and feelings around these unprecedented times, and that our ability to stay open relies upon transmission numbers staying low and compliance with government protocols. For us to stay open, we need you to do your part as well. Please understand our new protocols before entering our salon, and please respect them during your visit.

WELCOME BACK! We are so excited to see you!

A sincere and heartfelt thank you from the L10 Team!