Proof of Vaccination?

Proof of vaccination required in BC to enter certain businesses

Personal services (salons, spas, and barbershops) are not included in the requirement. “We have other measures in place for those businesses such as mask wearing and ongoing efforts to keep people safe”.

In a meeting with the BeautyCouncil August 23, and the province of BC, Dr. Bonnie Henry today stated there will be a proof of vaccination requirement in BC to enter certain businesses or attend certain events, “to insure we continue to have safe workplaces”.

The infections are largely being driven by the small proportion of people who are not immunized said Dr. Henry.

“We need to take additional measures to insure our safety,” she added.

“We are not including personal service settings because they have done an excellent job in preventing transmission. The sector is not a source of COVID, however, should the sector wish to implement the requirement, we are open to discussion with the industry on that,” she stated.

“We need to be mindful that immunization is effective, but it’s not 100 per cent. We still need to be sure we’re keeping distances and having an effective communicable disease prevention plan in place” said Dr. Henry.

Message from the Level 10 Management Team

“For the health and safety of our clients and team, we will be maintaining our current safety protocols including the mandatory wearing of masks. We will adjust these protocols accordingly with the guidance of our Beauty Council and WorkSafe BC, keeping you apprised of the changes as they happen. We want to assure you that as a certified BeautySafe salon, we are committed to ensuring everyone’s safety and comfort. We cannot divulge personal medical information about our staff although we can assure you that every member of our team has successfully completed the BeautySafe Program that Bonnie Henry helped create – BeautySafe certifies professionals in protocols of infection control, safe cleaning, sanitization, sterilization, and chemical practices using Canada Health standards to reduce the spread of viruses, bacterial infections, and communicable diseases (such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and COVID-19). Our industry has done an amazing job in preventing transmission of Covid and we want to keep it that way.

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and continued support.”