Welcoming Chantel

As a Holistic Bodyworker, Aesthetician and Reiki Master, my passion is to guide and empower my clients into self healing and optimal relaxation as well as educate on body mechanics, skin health and overall awareness. Along with being a mother to 2 beautiful daughter’s who inspire me everyday, I am a lover of earth, animals, poetry, art and a lifelong student… I am filled with gratitude to be apart of the Level 10 team and to be of service to you :)”

Chantel is offering the following services:

Firm Pressure Massage: Deeply therapeutic massage with focus on specific pain conditions using myofascial and trigger point release, joint mobilization, diaphragmatic breathing and lymphatic drainage.

Indian Head Massage: Shoulders, neck, face, scalp are massaged in this invigorating technique to promote deep relaxation, reduce anxiety and detox the lymphatic system.

Reflexology: Firm application is used on specific pressure points of the feet and hands to promote balance, reduce stress and achieve overall foot and hand function.

Reiki: Non invasive healing technique using the natural energetic channels of the body to restore physical and emotional well being, self awareness and healing.

Raindrop Therapy: The healing combination of non invasive massage and essential oils to support spinal alignment, alleviating symptoms from spinal disorders such as scoliosis/kyphosis.

Manicures, Pedicures and Facials.

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