We are excited to be a CERTIFIED GREEN CIRCLE SALON and through our partnership with Green Circle Salons, we ensure that 100% of our hair, foils, colour tubes, papers, plastics and excess chemicals are recycled and/or repurposed in an environmentally responsible way. All our hair clippings are re-purposed and used in hair booms to soak up oil spills, made into hair mats for emergency beds and in the production of bioplastics. All our highlighting foils are re-claimed and recycled to be kept out of the landfill, all our excess hair colour and spa waste is re-directed and turned into energy that goes straight to BC Hydro! We are even able to recycle all our glass(including nail polish bottles) and all aerosol hairspray cans. Of course we are still recycling all our papers, plastics and cardboard so have minimal actual ‘garbage’.

Today, each of us has a role in igniting and supporting a greener world. We all share equally in both the opportunities and the challenges of building sustainable communities and a healthier planet. In Canada, with roughly 30,000 salons, our industry is creating a massive ecological footprint. Business as usual means that salons are dumping tens of thousands of kg’s of solid waste into landfill, and pouring hundreds of thousands of litres of liquid chemical waste down the drain and into our water bodies, every day.

At Level 10 we understand how important it is to advocate environmental stewardship, to reclaim our habitat and urban spaces, and to advance positive green change so as GREEN AMBASSADORS, we invite other salons to join the green movement! Become a Green Circle Salon today! 

Thank you for choosing Level 10 Eurospa, for contributing to remarkable green change, and for helping us lead a movement that is helping to secure a healthy planet for now and future generations!