L10 Exfoliants

L10 haute skin is paraben free, vegan friendly, cruelty-free and produced with eco-friendly, clean manufacturing practices.

Good for your skin and your planet. This skincare collection is made from natural botanicals and uses naturally based emulsifiers, surfactants, essential oil fragrances, and earth derived mineral colors to deliver exceptional results.



Blueberry Bamboo Micropolish (all skin types) |  A gentle and highly effective powder exfoliant that can be used daily to remove keratinized cells resulting in a smooth, radiant complexion. The combination of three finely milled powders: blueberry fruit fiber, Banslochan bamboo and Adzuki bean delicately exfoliate as colloidal oatmeal powder soothes and calms. Full of naturally occurring antioxidants, this micropolish also contains burdock root extract providing B vitamins to further nourish and protect.

Pineapple Banana Exfoliant Puree (normal, dry, combination, mature) |  An ultra rich enzymatic exfoliant that removes keratinized skin cells without scrubbing. Regenerating banana puree is loaded with vitamins and minerals to feed your skin as pineapple enzymes dissolve surface debris and fight free radicals. As avocado oil maintains an optimal moisture level, an infusion of botanical extracts and essential oils lend their therapeutic benefits. Skin is left not only brighter, but softer and more supple.

Sugar Cane Apple Exfoliant Serum (normal, dry, combination, mature) |  A concentrated serum that accelerates the removal of keratinized cells, encourages collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines, sun damage and hyper pigmentation. This magic elixir of naturally occurring AHA/BHA’s: glycolic acid (sugar cane), malic acid (apples) and salicylic acid (willow bark) also contains organic extracts of cucumber, calendula and chamomile to soothe and strengthen. The result: renewed, refined and rejuvenated skin!


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