Green Circle Stats for 2017

Proud to be part of this movement!

Thank you to our clients for supporting our green initiatives and helping us keep the planet beautiful!


Proud of the L10 Team!

Each year we are producing less waste and practicing what it takes to be a sustainable salon and spa!

Diversion stats for Level 10 Eurospa (supplied by Green Circle Salons)

2014 – 977 lbs solids, 34 lbs liquids (6 months)

2015 – 2570 lbs solids, 81 lbs liquids

2016 – 2116 lbs solids, 54 lbs liquids

2017 – 1670 lbs solids, 64 lbs liquids


What does it mean to be a certified Green Circle Salon?

Through our partnership with Green Circle Salons, we ensure that 100% of our hair, foils, colour tubes, papers, plastics and excess chemicals are recycled and/or re purposed in an environmentally responsible way. All our hair clippings are re-purposed and used in hair booms to soak up oil spills, made into hair mats for emergency beds and in the production of bio plastics. All our highlighting foils are re-claimed and recycled to be kept out of the landfill, all our excess hair colour and spa waste is re-directed and turned into energy that goes straight to BC Hydro! We are even able to recycle all our glass (including nail polish bottles) and all aerosol hairspray cans. Of course we compost and are recycling all our papers, plastics and cardboard so have minimal actual ‘garbage’. We invite our clients to bring us all empty, unused, old and expired beauty products for us to divert and manage responsibly. 🙂







Sustainability Award 2016
(Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce)
Retail Business of the Year 2016
(Vancouver Island)
Business of the Year 2014
(Comox Valley)
Favourite Place for a Makeover 2015
(Comox Valley Record Readers Choice)
#1 Independent Matrix Salon BC
Voted in Top 3 Hair Salons
(Vancouver Island)


204-1025 Cliffe Ave. Courtenay, BC
Phone: 250.334.0209



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